Jazz Progressions: A Collage of Creativity

Following the conference, Hear, Think, Act: Jazz Forms of/in/for Life, we invite musicians, writers, and artists to participate in the production of a unique, multimedia exhibition of “Jazz progressions.”

The curators of the exhibition are searching for acts of artistic, intellectual, and social creativity inspired by the spirit, methods, materials, and concepts from the world of jazz. Possible directions include:

  1. A musical or auditory recital, composition, improvisation and/or editing of a work of jazz.
  2. A painting, photograph, animation, or other visual expression reflective of jazz.
  3. Textual pieces — poetry, short stories, essays, biographies, research and other forms of writing in dialogue with historical, contemporary, and conceptual elements of jazz.
  4. Any other form of creativity inspired by the world of jazz — film, educational and social initiatives, product design.
  5. Relational actions, between students, artists, among disciplines and across media are encouraged.

All submissions must be accompanied by a short text (150 words) describing the work, and the Jazz progression it enable including:

  1. Title of the work and year completed.
  2. Materials used.
  3. Sources of inspiration in and/or relation to the world of Jazz.


Dr. Yoav Friedman, Research & Innovation Authority, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Dr. Aviv Livnat, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Dr. Edan Raviv, Assistant Director, NYU Tel Aviv