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The Jazz Guitar

April 30, 2022



The Jazz Guitar

A Roadmap Event

Along with the banjo, the guitar has held a unique role in the history of jazz, mostly as an instrument of rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment. Conceived in the early 1930s, the electric guitar became a necessity, as jazz musicians sought to amplify their sound and be heard over the loud big bands.

It was with the legendary guitarist Charlie Christian that the guitar took a position on the front lines with all of the other important soloist instruments. Since then, new musical corridors — within jazz itself and in its interaction with other genres of music and art — opened up, as the instrument has evolved and expanded in its techniques, structures, sounds and technologies.  

In this Jazz Garden Roadmap, we seek researchers, musicians and educators to piece together a roadmap of past, present and future legacies of the jazz guitar world — to shed light on historical, artistic, pedagogic and cultural aspects of the jazz guitar. 

We seek 10-minute talks that present studies, programs, curricula and samples of art that touch on one or more of the following topics:

  1. Guitar playing techniques
  2. Innovative instruments and accessories
  3. Contemporary approaches to guitar pedagogy
  4. Musicological and historical research on the jazz guitar
  5. Psychological and phenomenological aspects of guitar performance
  6. Cultural aspects of the guitar

Proposals can take the form of a solo presentation, a duet or any other combo.




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April 30, 2022
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