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Hear, Think, Act: A Call for Action

Jazz — the artistic genre born in the cotton fields of twentieth century America that would spark diverse fields of thought, culture and creativity all over the world. Born out of severe social distress and ethnic struggle, Jazz accompanied post-industrial society in nearly all of its dramatic moments, as it adapted to and was absorbed by new and old cultural spaces.

But Jazz should not be limited to its historical context. In fact, in its commitment to concepts such as improvisation, inner truth, dialogue, polyrhythm and social consciousness, Jazz is especially relevant to today’s age of technological automation, social distancing, and cultural polarization.

This ongoing project seeks to reconstruct the artistic, intellectual, and activist elements of Jazz as not only a contemporary method of artistic expression, but also as an innovative methodology for dealing with the many epistemic and social challenges of the 21st century.
The project seeks to achieve this objective by building an interdisciplinary incubator for “jazz forms in life” — traditional, modal, technological, theoretical, rhythmical, spiritual, ideological and more — and their applications in the fields of design, painting, cinema, sculpture, writing, poetry, music, architecture, philosophy, education, politics and cultural criticism.



We invite you to submit abstracts for the publication of a scientific volume that will examine contemporary issues in society and education through the lens of Jazz. The volume will bring together a variety of disciplinary, conceptual and empirical perspectives in order to offer novel insights on contemporary challenges.



Jazz can not only serve as an object of scientific research or artistic creativity, but as a source for collective learning and, ultimately, social change. We are working to set up a new kind of curriculum — A School of Life for the 21st Century — that will innovate education based on the principles of Jazz; we’d love your help.



We seek to provide a hub for artistic expressions and exchange inspired by the spirit, methods, materials, and concepts from the world of Jazz. Both aspiring and professional musicians, writers, and artists are welcome.


Call for Action


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