The School of Life Garden

We are a group of scholars, educators, activists and artists who are on a mission to design gardens of knowledge and creativity, through which we seek to promote research, learning and artistic creativity around diverse fields of knowledge and to spread them around the world.

We invite you to visit the speaker’s corners, to enter the greenhouses, to walk through the flowerbeds — and to contribute to various concepts and projects that are currently germinating throughout the garden. We invite you to join us and become a gardener yourself, by planting and nurturing your own ideas within the garden’s architecture, or just by wandering, dwelling, and meditating in an open field of knowledge.

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Events range from fully online to in-person at your local park.

Speaker's Corner

Speaker’s corners are lectures recorded by video. They range in time, from ten minutes to half-an-hour — each one provides at least one RRR perspective.


A greenhouse serves as the garden library. Like in a real library, greenhouses are a source of knowledge. And like in a real garden, our greenhouses each hold a different species of artifacts, such as concepts, locations, sources, and more.


We believe that knowledge and creativity can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Rhizome is our opportunity to create something new.