Call for Action

A Call for Research. Reform. Revival.

Following the International Conference under the same name that took place at Tel Aviv University, we would like to reconvene interested scholars, educators and activists to further investigate the relevance of Janusz Korczak’s The School of Life, and other writings, in the 21st century — and the many global challenges facing humanity.


Rethinking Korczak’s Pedagogy in a New Global Reality

We invite you to submit abstracts for the publication of a scholarly volume that will examine contemporary issues in society and education through Janusz Korczak’s writing and pedagogy. The volume will bring together a variety of disciplinary, conceptual and empirical perspectives in order to offer a novel evaluation of contemporary issues in education.

The deadline for abstracts is July 15, 2020. Accepted abstracts and invitations for full papers will be notified by September. The Korczak Forum’s editors reserve the right to request revisions and to reject final papers following a peer review process.


A New Convention on the Right to Education Education — that of both child and adult — is perhaps the most important institution created by and for human society. And in today’s global reality, the right to education has never been more pressing. We are working to set up an international convention composed of children and adults — scholars and educators — who will work together to develop and formulate guiding principles for innovating education. The convention will be made up of a number committees and working groups that will address political aspects — and potential reforms — of education in the 21st century.


A “Viral” Reading of King Matt the First We invite you (and the world) to take part in a “viral” reading of King Matthew, one that revives this important text and illuminates its relevance for our time. We envision the production of a multilingual and multimedia “public reading” that will include the diversity of global society today — young and old; artists and scientists; civil and civic — from countries all over the world. Each reader will read a section of the book and the producers will edit and integrate the final project into a documentary film already under production. Any artist, educator, and organization is invited to this opportunity for this free global collaboration. For more information, please contact Dr. Aviv Livnat (